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I am the founder of Blink Journals, and my name is Lori. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 2017 and completed active treatment in December of that year (you can read more about my journey on my blog over at Flipped Switch). My treatment started with surgery and I quickly found out I'd need chemotherapy and radiation, and I was told that journaling and tracking during treatment would be helpful. 

As a lifetime journaler, I was sure I would have no problem with this task. However, as treatment continued, I found it harder and harder to stare at a blank page and come up with anything I thought would be relevant or useful.

"If only there were check boxes and a few prompts," I thought. 

So, Blink Journals was born. Out of my experience, and the experiences of others I met throughout treatment, I put together a tracking system in a fun, creative and easy format. 

My hope is that Blink Journals can bring some comfort, care and even fun, during treatment. Please feel free to reach out using our Contact Us page.